Friday, October 20, 2006

Savoy cabbage with Worcestershire sauce

Jamie describes this vegetable side-dish as one of the simplest and most delicious Savoy cabbage recipes he has come across; a pub-classic. It was certainly simple: in short, you slice the cabbage, stir-fry it in olive oil briefly, add Worcestershire sauce and keep stir frying until soft; add butter.

Hmm. His looks a lot greener than mine. This may be because his recipe included the outer leaves of the cabbage and I'd already eaten those in another side dish earlier in the week. OH well. Apart from the slightly odd appearance of my version (I appreciate it looks worm-like, almost, in my picture), it tasted good, but it is quite strong - you would have to like Worcestershire sauce (which I do). He suggests serving it with steak or shepherds pie - I think it would be really good with shepherds pie or any pie, really (I can't see it so easily with steak, but that might just be me). Anyway. Next time I shall ensure I have the whole cabbage at my disposal, just so that the picture looks a bit greener - but I will make it again, as it was an interesting, tasty side dish.

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