Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Roast rack of lamb with potato and cauliflower dauphinoise

Another admission: I've never cooked a rack of lamb before (though I have cooked individual cutlets). I think it is partly for financial reasons (Simon is always accusing me of sharing my grandmother's 'carefulness with money' (apart from when it comes to buying books and shoes) allegedly characteristic of her Yorkshire background (although I am not saying that Yorkshire people are stingy). Partly though I like the cheaper cuts of lamb: slow-roasted shoulder, braised shanks, and so on. For this recipe I did buy a rack and I didn't complain about the cost.

The lamb part of this dish is basically simple: brown the rack in a pan on the hob, sprinkle over chopped rosemary, and roast in the oven.

The dauphinoise is the interesting part, because it has cauliflower in which adds a nice twist. My dauphinoise was even more unusual because I was using oddly shaped potatoes - Jamie says they are best for dauphinoise when waxy, and mine were waxy, but they are sort of kidney shaped and narrow; they don't produce the kind of slices that I can get out of my habitual Maris Pipers. Anyway. I layered unconventional-appearing potatoes with chopped cauliflower and thyme, poured over hot milk and cream infused with garlic, bay leaf and nutmeg, and baked with the lid on in the oven until the potatoes were soft. Then I added Parmesan and removed the lid and let the top layer brown.

Yum. This is much nicer than normal dauphinoise, which I sometimes find borders on sickly. The cauliflower adds crunchiness and a depth of flavour. And it can be counted as one of our five a day whereas potato can't. It is really easy, looks good; would be great for entertaining. A winner. Oh, and the lamb was yummy too...


Anonymous said...

Hi kathryn, this is a great blog! I am constantly in awe of those bloggers who choose to cook through entire cookbooks - and manage it! I certainly don't have the will power (although I do have the appetite!). Good luck with this!

Anonymous said...

This dauphinoise is terrible, watery and bland, more cream less milk..and a bit more seasoning.